Tax Return Checklist

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When you book in to get your tax return completed with PMA Accountants there are a couple of things we need to ensure that we can lodge your tax return. At a minimum, we require the following to complete your tax return, unless we have already lodged a tax return for you in previous years.
•Your Tax File Number (This is on a previous tax return or on some ATO notices);
•Your bank account details (Account Name, BSB and account number)*
•If you owned shares or rental properties, we will need records relating to those investments.

* The ATO now requires that all tax refunds be paid electronically into your bank account.

We also ask that you bring along the following, if you have them, to help us get the best outcome for you:
•Your previous tax return (for new clients);
•Your PAYG Payment Summaries (or Group Certificates);
•Any receipts you kept from expenses that related to your work. Some common ones are
◦Union or Professional Association fees;
◦Mobile phone, home phone and internet, if you use them partly for work
◦Stationery, tools or equipment purchases that relate to your work
◦Computer expense, if you used it partly for work;
◦Professional magazines or trade publication purchases;
•Your accountant's receipt for last year's tax return (for new clients);
•Receipts for any charitable donations you made;
•Any other records that we have previously suggested that you keep.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us prior to your interview on (03) 9449 7751.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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